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WEOLA Channeling On-Line ~ Saturday, July 8th, 2023


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  • WEOLA workshop in the form of a Q&A is up to 1.5h long.
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What People Are Saying:

Whether you are wanting to just listen in or you are eager to ask a question yourself these broadcasts are expansive. You are gently rocked into your innate knowing. You are free to explore all topics that are interesting to you. The knowledge shared is profound. Expanding from the work of Abraham-Hicks. Kosta has transformed from a student to a teacher seamlessly. Weola’s message is new yet universal.

Liz Hays | Ms. Magic

Being part of the WEOLA mastermind group has been a very expansive experience for me. It has allowed me to uplevel my business in so many ways because energetically I was able to expand my capacity to be more inclusive. I wasn't even aware of the limited lens I was operating from prior to the mastermind. I was so sure of my client avatar but then WEOLA guided me to realise that the more steady I become, I can include more. I no longer think about who my ideal clients are because I'm now aware that all who feel drawn to me are getting exactly what they need from it. I now see the equal value in being both the question and answer for people. Understanding this has enabled me to release any attachment to client results which in turn allows me to serve at a higher level because I can fully operate as a blended being. I highly recommend working with WEOLA for anyone who wants to get out of their own way and make a powerful impact in the world.

Priya Patten | Manifestation Coach

The words delivered by WEOLA resonate with me on a deep level and I feel the truth and wisdom in the messages. It is not only about the words that are spoken, but the energy I receive during the private sessions. These conversations have brought me to new awareness and I know there is more and more and more expansion available.

Amanda Towne | Breakthrough Mentor