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Kick Off Consultation - Kosta (55min)

Hi & Welcome!

I am excited to meet you soon. Once you complete your purchase, I will reach out via EMAIL to schedule time that is good for both of us :)

Love always,


Here is what you will receive:

  • Opening Meditation
  • Q&A (1-3 most active questions)
  • Integration (1-3 practical tools) 
  • 2 meditation tracks use
  • Future Collaboration Chat **


There are two ways I enjoy 1:1 work:

MENTORSHIP (3 month commitment)

This format is designed for those that have the desire and means to dive deeper and reach desired transformation faster. Each mentorship is different dependent upon the needs of the individual.

When I work 1-1 with someone, they have my undivided attention and I bring my full presence. I facilitate a conducive environment for a real time transformation and breakthroughs for the being in front of me.

First comes a new level of awareness. It is followed by change in your reality that comes from a change in behavior.

This is the part ONLY YOU can do.

I provide clarity, awareness and reminder for accountability, you match it with your dedication to who you are becoming.

The mentorship format is designed to help you become the most aware, expressed and fulfilled version of yourself.

It is the most intimate and direct way to get support from me and is reserved for people who are ready, eager and feel called to continual personal development and transformation. 


For those looking to check in on per need basis, I offer custom tailored support in a form of session packages.

We discover what tempo works for you and schedule sessions accordingly.