If changing beliefs feels tricky, read this...

In conversations with clients and friends these days, the dominant curiosity has been about beliefs. What are they? Why are they so firmly embedded in our behavior? How to switch them when they are not bringing the experiences we want? How to use them even if they feel like they are limiting?

These kinds of questions are my favorite, so let’s dive in!

I’ll start with this sequence first:

Your attention - Thought - Emotion - Belief - Expectation - Manifestation

Your attention is at the core of everything. I like to think about it as a flashlight of attention (thank you, WEOLA ). Wherever you direct it, you bring more light to it. More awareness. More air time. Everything you get attention to gets revealed in more detail.

That causes you to think and, in most cases, have an emotion attached to it. I like to think (pun intended ) that thought paired with emotion, this emotional response to a thought, is what makes it solidify in repetition. ‘Sometimes’ turns into ‘more often than not.’ It becomes familiar. It shapes into a belief.

What makes it solidify is acceptance. Be-living means BEING and LIVING that thought paired with that emotion. Living it becomes so familiar that it simply makes sense. ‘More often’ turns into ‘always.’ It becomes an expectation.

Since you are a God, the next part is easy! Manifestation simply follows what you cooked up prior to the creation process.

Still with me?

When you want to change something, you are usually motivated by the change you want to see in manifestation. The feedback of it is so vivid, so clear, so poignant, that if not desired, its effect can come across as piercing to your heart. You want it changed, and you want it now.

What most people call efforting is what often takes place next—trying to replace one manifestation with another—changing matter with matter. Even when that effort eventually results in change, it’s never because of effort, but because the effort was finally released.

In other words, eventually, even the hardest-working people drop the focus from undesired manifestation and therefore drop expectation, belief, and emotion related to the thought that finally served its purpose and no longer needs to be in focus.

What makes you get there?

Process of un-focusing. Relaxing. Meditating. Napping. Physical activity. Sleeping. Anything that softens up the focus from manifestation and back to awareness that it is YOU that directs your play by pointing your flashlight of attention.

From that perspective of soft thought, you see that changing manifestation for manifestation, the expectation for expectation, and even belief for belief is not the process of getting rid of anything but embracing it.

The change does not mean you are rejecting the old to let in the new. You are not even letting it go. You are letting your attention from it, which ultimately means you are letting it IN. You allow it to exist. You allow it to be a part of you. You allow it to disperse and settle into the whole of you. To become you.

You embrace it. You accept it. You fall in love with it. You become it.

Now when you are not pinched off from your nature, you can choose a different thought. And pair it up with a good feeling emotion. And be it and live it until it becomes familiar. So you can expect it.

Now you are conscious. And creating.

What can be more fulfilling than that? :)

Share what comes to mind as a reflection to you; we always love to hear it.

With love,


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