Being in love with the whole of you

When you look into it honestly and authentically, you can be a witness to undeniable interconnectedness between you, everyone, and everything around you.

Whether you see it all as a reflection of you, or a different angle of you, the play of cause and effect becomes obvious. You realize that the common denominator in both desired and undesired situations is you, and there is nowhere to go outside of you.

The first step is getting into the perspective of observation, the neutral position. There are a lot of a-ha-s, epiphanies, and wow-s that come with this stance.

At first empowering and new, you quickly recognize this is actually your nature.

You’ve always been giving meaning to everything. You are making choices in the now.

You are creating your future.

Then you get to decide to go to the "gym" and start working out this newly discovered muscle. It’s exciting to witness that when your attention point changes, everything around you changes.

You see evidence of your focusing, God's work.

You connect that seeing someone or yourself as 'less than’ or ‘more than’ is in the essence of the ‘hero complex.’ Trying to fix, save or rescue someone, while valid, is restricted in nature. To look up to someone else’s creation is limited in nature, too.

This comparison is what’s pinching you off.

Every time you reject an aspect of you, you are resisting and summoning more of it. The most vivid visual that comes when I think of resistance is a slingshot. The quicker you resist, the faster you get more of it back.

This perspective is beneficial as it carries gifts and messages, and that leads you to an opportunity to embody unconditional love.

The only time you do so is when the conditions do not (have to) change for you to feel good. And that is only true when you are in the midst of conditions you don’t like.

It provides you with a chance to feel invincible, exactly in line with your true nature.

Wholeness also does not mean rejecting or eliminating the undesired or the reflections you receive from others. You are not whole when you try to isolate yourself into only the positive aspects of you.

Loving every aspect of creation is what makes you feel whole.

Oftentimes coaching clients ask, but when will I eliminate all the questions, problems, and undesired situations? When will the negative stop and only the positive show up?

Then I joke with them, "When you figure out how to be only half of you!"

You can’t, even if you want to because you are always right—the one bringing more to you of what you keep acknowledging, the one causing every effect.

All it takes for you to be happy ever now is to know and accept this.

And then choose what aspect of others you focus on. To see it for what it is and fall in love with it.

And then, charged up with that energy, direct yourself to the outcome that works for you.

If you desire so, you always get to have your preference. The essence of all of them is to feel good no matter the circumstance.
To feel and embody the whole of you.

Remember that everyone is a different angle of you and exactly where you are supposed to be. You are exactly who you chose to be, right now.

Yours and everyone’s creation is perfect.

Simply perfect, just the way it is.

Resist Less. Thrive More. Enjoy Life.

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