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Armand & Kosta


Hello friend,

Welcome to our online space where we present, to our most up-to-date knowing, the essence of our life's work. As our sense of connection enhances, we discover and then integrate new ways for self-development and spiritual transformation. Then we share it with the World!

We are as authentic and as genuine as they make it. And most of all, we looove to love and are really good at it.

We wholeheartedly invite you and welcome you to our friendly community of people who are thriving in living a conscious and balanced life.

With love,
Armand & Kosta

"Armand & Kosta are a lighthouse, guiding students and teachers alike to the safe harbor of clarity."

- Que Jones, 
Life Coach


"Thank you for organizing such magnificent events. The effect you have on my life is indescribable."

- Gina Mallison,
The Mallison Method


" Thank you, Armand & Kosta, for another expansive transformational retreat. I love you!"

- Priya Patten,
Manifestation Coach